Asking and Accepting – Part 1

I’d like to give something special to you, something I am exploring.

I want to share with you my Adventure in Asking and Accepting. It’s not as sexy as the Law of Attraction, but I suspect it’s extremely valuable and wonderful. So here goes.

My Adventure in Asking and Accepting. (The Yin Side of Life.)

It began a long, long time ago. Asking for something, something simple.

Think – a touch – a smile – asking for something simple that I simply longed for.

And at some point, I was able to accept it, to receive it. Maybe to believe – that it was possible, and possible for me.

So here I am, here we are.

Adventures in Asking and Accepting.

At times in my life, I have asked for forgiveness. At times in my life, I have asked for friendship, and love. And I learned how to grow, as I accepted them into my life.

Back in grade school, I prayed to have a friend. You probably don’t know this, but I got picked on lots as a kiddo. I remember feeling all alone, and so Mom taught me to pray – for a friend. Every night as a little boy, I would go to bed, and I would pray for my friend to show up.

One day, there was a new kid at school. Being the new kid, he got picked on a bit too. And of course, we stuck together, shared our stories, our stuff, our lives, and we became good friends. I don’t see him much at all anymore, but I will always hold in my heart, how he showed up, and how we became friends. I even remember a special moment, where we declared to be each others friend, it started with a look, a nod, and a tiny little statement.

Friends? Friends. That was it.

Bonus points: Years later, I began to discover even the kids who picked on me, were my friends too. At the time, I don’t know if any of us could see – or accept that. And in my life now I notice, sometimes we can’t see – what we can’t accept – even when it’s a wealth of friends – support – love – sometimes even when it is right there in front of us.

Today, I am on another adventure of Asking and Accepting. There are two sides to this coin, and I would love to share my experience of both of them with you.

Side 1: Giving. For years, I have never turned away anyone who told me that they wanted to work with me, get a product, come to a seminar – because they didn’t have the money. I would ask them how much they had, how much they could afford, and I would accept that. It felt good to be in a position where I could give. I gave what I could, when I could. Giving felt and still feels good.

Side 2: Today, I am exploring asking – asking for help – and accepting it. I started my life over – last year. I am still rising from the Ashes. Learning, growing and asking for help. Almost dying. Moving around the world. Breaking up. Coming together. I am the Phoenix. Learning how to Ask and Accept. Learning the other side of the coin.

Part of what I am exploring and learning – is about receiving – about asking – about being given to. Part of it is the blessing that is shared by both the giver and the receiver, when we ask for help.

Asking for help, asking for a cuddle even – is a gift to those who we ask. If we don’t ask, they might never know that they could give. I request that you give – and that you give those around you the opportunity – the gift of being able to give to you.

Since we seem to be made in the image of God, I wonder what it must be like for “God”, to sit there, and wait for requests. Not just requests for stuff, but requests for what else really matters.

Asking. Accepting. Next post I’ll write about forgiveness too.


I’ve got to ask you two requests for you today: Action Steps.

1. I request that you ask someone for help today. And let me know how it goes, and what you discover in the process.

And two.

2. I ask that you help me, because I need your help. If you email me at – I promise I will let you know how you can help me. I will accept your response to that request – and I bet we both will discover something wonderful in the process.

In other words, I am opening up a door, to the possibility that you and I both can experience giving / receiving and asking / accepting.

I feel “vulner-able” here, sharing my story – asking you for help. Vulner is “of the heart”. Able is, well able. I feel “able of the heart” here.

Email me if you want to know how I request that you help me. Email me to share what you experience too.

Thank you for reading, and exploring adventures in Asking and Accepting.

Mr Twenty Twenty

By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at


  1. Some are too shy to ask, or to proud to ask. Sometimes the best way to be is “just say it”.

    Who knows what the outcome will be. And then just accept it, don’t be upset if it’s NOT the outcome you had in mind.

    The asking can be something as simple as asking for a ride, and as complex as asking for a donation of a body organ.

    Who knows where it will all lead! Just ask, accept the answer, and don’t “beat yourself” up about it!

  2. Inhale

    What is around us in each breath. The breath we take in has helped others… been a part of others and we request with each breath in… and exhale sharing something with everyone one else… breathing…

    Now in the spirit we breath in and exhale creates an imprint on that breath that could change the world… breathing

    Thank you for all you share Mr 20/20… vision asking sharing and so much more… with each breath my friend…

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