Asking and Accepting – Part 2 – The Medicine Man

I learned tons from The Medicine Man. Sitting by his fire, listening to his stories, letting the love that he was – touch me.

I learned from him a wonderful secret, I learned that we get to discover who we are – while asking and while accepting.

Let’s make this real life, right now. This is how he shared with me. Notice what shows up as you read, and what actions you take. This is gonna be great fun!

Ready? Set? Go!

I request that you give me $20, when you finish reading this article. (Now notice your body, notice your mind, notice your emotions, just notice.)

Now here is where it gets fun. We get to discover “me” and “you” and our relationship when I ask, and when I accept your response. Let’s try on something else, real quick.

I request that you give me $10, when you finish reading this article.

I get to notice how that feels, and what it reveals about “me”, “you”, and our relationship.

From what I can tell, the dollar figures don’t matter much. What seems to make the BIG difference in life (and in love, and in all relationships) is noticing how we get in the way of both giving and receiving – asking and accepting – and how we can relate even more honestly, openly and freely.

Let’s explore another tiny little game together that seems to change everything.

Years ago, I played a game. The game was pretty simple, give away a dollar – or something worth a dollar. Walk up to someone, and give them a dollar. Notice what happens when it’s a stranger, notice what happens when it’s a friend, notice what happens when you give them a reason, notice what happens when you just give to them, with no reason or justification at all. Notice how programming, memories, patterns get in the way.

Just notice, what shows up, in you, in them. ACCEPT what shows up, AND if it gets in the way of BEING WITH THEM, discover how you can be with them even more.


I have asked for a $10 or a $20 – and I am including a link – so we can explore this – relating – asking and accepting – – for real. I promise you, I will email you, and I hope you will email me, because I want to share and discover – what happens – with us – you and me – when we ask and when we accept – when we give and when we receive. I wonder how this tiny little game, this tiny little dance, will deepen our relationship, and how it will give us both experiences that will deepen our relationships with others in our lives.

Thank you for letting me give to you today, with these words. Thank you for giving to the world with your play and dance with them.

Whooo yah!

Mr Twenty Twenty

Pick Your Price

PS: Couples. If you are in a relationship, or want to be in one – imagine how exploring “asking and accepting” opens the floodgates of possibility for you and your partner. Discovering how to ask, accept and how to give and receive – WHILE being focused on discovering “you” “them” and “you two as a couple” is a wonderful dance – one well worth exploring. Sadly, many couples I witness – focus more on blaming – staying stuck – being frustrated – instead of discovering new levels of asking and accepting – this is the dance that invites you and those around you to fully blossom. Let’s dance.

By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at