Who is Mr2020?

Who is Mr 2020?

I ¬†had a “near death experience¬†when I was 23 years old. A newly married prison guard with only a few short months on the job, taken hostage in one of the worst prison riots in United States history. That began deepened my journey into exploring what was truly possible for us as human beings. I had a gift, a first hand glimpse into what happens when we die, and come back. I was given the opportunity to live once again, and I vowed to make my life, one that mattered. A life that was worth living.

When I was 40 years old I once again took some time to really explore what my life was about, and what I wanted my life to be about. Some people would call this a mid life crises. Native Americans tended to call this a time of seeking clarity and vision. Vision Questing. I had taken Vision Quests before – guided by a mentor I trusted – and I had been exploring and teaching what most people call personal development for over 15 years – but this time it was different.

I wanted to take my life to the next level, and to help even more people have a life worth living. A life where we don’t settle for what is probable, but a life where we really discover what is truly possible for each and every one of us.

“We notice that when you Focus daily, on a Vision that is bigger than you, that life becomes so much more of an Adventure of A Lifetime. That is why I changed my name to Mr Twenty Twenty – the number people know as perfect vision.

I sincerely hope you glean from our websites and stories tools that you can use to fully experience The Adventure of A Lifetime. To have a life that is more than satisfactory, to fully live each and every day up to your true potential and promise.

Mr Twenty Twenty