Learn to levitate? By Mr 2020

“What if we could use these secrets to cure chronic back pain, blood pressure, stress, anxiety, impotence?  Buckle up and read on!”

It’s gonna get GOOD!

I used to think levitation was a big deal.  And I used to think Astral Travel and Out of Body experiences were a big deal too.

“Then I woke up to something much cooler.”

I began to notice something. Something that was obvious to my elders and mentors, something that changed my life forever.

“Most people don’t ever fully SINK into their body, or touch the earth.  Most people are checked out, most of the time.”

Really, it’s true, just look around.

My Chi Kung instructors over the past 2 decades have helped me notice that most people float, that most people walk, stand, and move in ways that literally make them never connect fully with the earth.

Could this be why so many people suffer needlessly from back pain, stress, blood pressure, blood sugar, headaches….

Could this be why we don’t suffer from a lack of fantasy, and why so many folks never do take action on their goals and dreams?

“Welcome home!”

20 plus years ago, I started learning how to move, and stand in ways that integrate your body – mind and invite you back home.  That’s why real chi kung heals, and why it feels good too.  Real chi kung helps you EXIST fully in your body, so you can touch the earth.

So… back to levitation, and the creative routines people do…

About 50% of my private training clients make me to take them to the mall. Because at the mall we can see lots of people, and notice exactly the creative routines they use to keep themselves from coming home, from being in their body, from feeling satisfaction.

You don’t have to do much to “get real”.  All you have to do is NOTICE and STOP what you are doing, your creative routines, that prevent you from living in THE REAL WORLD.

“If you can’t be fully in your body, you can’t ever fully be at peace, you can’t ever fully be healthy, you can’t fully be YOU!”

So we went to the mall, and we watched people levitate.  We watch and learn exactly how each person has a unique way of staying out of the present moment, staying out of their body.  Then we train on what it takes to get my client, to be more at home, in their body, in their world, in reality.

So if you want to learn to levitate, I might not be your guy. But if you want to learn how to come home, be more at peace, be more inspired, be more awake, alive, and truly energized….

Let me know. I only do between 12 and 18 private trainings each year. And we only do 3 to 6 group trainings.

And the only way you can get to them, is to take action, to commit to living more in the real world, and deciding that you are worth it.

You truly are.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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PS:  For some reason, learning how not to get in your own way, and getting PRESENT in your life and body seems to make a huge difference in everything.   People tell me that because of our work, they have an easier time communicating with people, their family lives improve, they close more sales, they enjoy life more, they eat better.   Maybe that’s what learning how to come home is all about.

By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at 2020@exhostage.com.


  1. Some very good points! Discovering the ground… Notice the connection… Developing the feeling of being present here with ones feet on the ground… Sounds like common sense yet as Twenty notes is much more uncommon than most would believe.

    It good to talk about these idea and even better to put them into real grounded practice… One key is to get good help and teaching, to notice what many might not… As Twenty said going to the mall in… Being and noticing “in the world” is also very helpful… Helpful to learning to notice more…

    Thank you Mr Twenty Twenty for sharing your insight and your insights here… Nice!

    1. Surely Super natural power esxtis. But these are frauds and criminals pretending as super powers for their personnel benefits or publicity. Illiterate and poor people still believe them and getting trapped.Recently so many Swamies are arrested for crimes. Still India have a huge collection of these Super natural Power teams.

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