How to stop being driven by the past – and start being driven by…

Imagine being a man who for 20 plus years, struggled to get it, struggled to keep it, struggled to be it. Too busy driven by history – instead of being driven by what works.

He suddenly discovered something simple and profound, that will profoundly impact your life. All you have to to is…

Get this.

Our lives can be driven by our past, or by our intention. By default, most people let their lives be driven by their past – their history – they never get to live out fully their promise – their potential – their mystery.

Where many people make a mistake, is to have “the intention” to have stuff or get somewhere in life. My intention on the other hand – the hand that seems to be much more elegant – effortless and EFFECTIVE isn’t to “have stuff”, or to “get somewhere in life” – my intention – my Functional Intention – is a way of being AND taking action in the world.

Having stuff and getting somewhere – as far as I can tell NOW, or simply byproducts of one thing – having a Functional Intention.

How to have and trigger a Functional Intention.

A Functional Intention is activated by two simple triggers – that produce immediate results – changes in behavior and action – and produce as a byproduct – what you want PHYSICALLY in your world.

Those triggers are: Qualities of Perception – Self Identity.

1. A Functional Intention has you coming from – living from – a level of consciousness that works – focus – clarity – self love – acceptance – giving – gratitude – – and it helps you put an end to guilt – apathy – and self hatred. The first group – is like sunshine. The second group – like thick – cold – BLINDING FOG. Embrace the Sunshine.

2. A Functional Intention involves a Fully Functional Identity. My examples include: I am a Professional Coach, Professional Marketer, Loving Partner, Professional Forex Trader.

Activate your MIND and Functional Intention by using questions that produce action – inside your mind.

Notice: These starting gun questions do not produce DATA to think about. They produce LENSES that focus your energy – and change your neurology and behavior.

How you activate those two Functional Intention Powers is through questions that bring you back to life – and stop you from being a robot.

Questions we use to set up and activate your Trigger Point and Functional Intention include:

How can I right now, come from even more (focus – clarity – self love – acceptance – gratitude)?

How does a (Professional Trader – Loving Partner – Professional Coach) see – hear – feel – process this?

Those two kinds of questions – notice how they fit in exactly with what we started with – focus on both: Qualities and Self Identity.

Now what?

Start using them. But first, here is the problem.

Odds are, you have questions inside your mind – that put YOU to sleep – and let the parts of your mind that are robotic take over. Questions that generate DATA – but don’t do it in a way that FOCUSES you.

So you have 3 options:

1. Hack at it, all by yourself. Slowest. You can get someone – anyone you know to help you – but odds are they will get drawn into robot world with you. That’s why most people make about the same amount of money as their 5 closest friends – and share about the same level of satisfaction, fitness, and happiness.

2. Get a coach. I’m good at this, and yes, this is an opportunity for us to work together. Click on The Trigger Point – for a very special offer.

3. Get some goodies – that will reprogram your brain here: Inner Circle Products. Our Almost Free NLP section has megatons of goodies – where you pick the price. If getting something of real quality – for any price you choose to give to us doesn’t rock your world (and help you get a better life – while enjoying my Odd but very effective use of NLP – then you don’t have a pulse.)

So that’s it, and oh yeah, watch the video. Coming soon!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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