Are you doing what you are designed to do? Part 2 – The Acorn

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Yesterday we began exploring a very powerful question, a question that will open doors to massive and amazing success to do you, and change your entire life.

Yesterday, we began exploring, “Are you doing what you are designed to do?”

Today you’ll get the tiny version of The Acorn. “The Acorn” is the story that was shared with me before my first Vision Quest. I had decided to Vision Quest – under the guidance of a mentor / elder that I trust – so I could find EXACTLY what I was designed to do.

Because if you aren’t doing what you are designed to do, life just seems to be missing a certain “something”, and you find yourself working way to hard for happiness and success that is way to fleeting.


The Acorn.

Somewhere in the mountains of Virginia, in the mid 90’s.

“Pick him up look at him.”

I did as I was told, the acorn that the elder had pointed to was just a typical acorn. Nothing special as far as I could see.

“Within him there is great promise and potential.”

I thought that was obvious he could grow into a mighty oak, I also thought that he could just as easy be squirrel food in just a moment.

“The difference between you and the other nut (he did have a quick sense of humor) is that he doesn’t have the power of choice, you do.  If you fall into the first trap, you will choose to identify with your present form.  Like that nut.  Or you can choose to return to earth for a season, pass through the darkness of winter and grow into the mighty oak you are.”

Okay, he got my attention, and he got me thinking. I had fallen for the first trap. The trap of identifying with your past, and what could be seen about you.

I had identified myself as “the acorn”.

During the next 48 hours, the elder would reveal to me several more ways, which we as humans, cheat.

He would reveal to me how we cheat the world of the promise and potential we are, by never living up to our design, by identifying with “The Acorn”.

Today, how many times have you fallen into this trap?

What will you do differently tomorrow?

It’s time to engage,

Enjoy the ride!

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Mr. Twenty Twenty

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