Why Do You Insist On Starving? – Stop Starving Start Living

Hey mate,

Let’s just dive right in.   YOU are starving.

To begin with, your body is starving for good WATER.  I don’t care what you think, odds are you aren’t drinking ANYWHERE near enough of GOOD WATER.  Start – Right – Now.

Next, your body is starving for FATS.  Good fats.   Do some research.  Find out what FUELS your brain, find out what your brain and what so many VITAL parts of your anatomy and neurology are MADE from.    Eating plenty of good fats will save your life.  So will eating GOOD EGGS.   I’ve been teaching this for 20 plus years, do the research and stop starving your brain, your nerve system, your endocrine system and your skin.

Side note:  Without plenty GOOD WATER and GOOD FAT – you can’t possibly utilize the VITAMINS in your food.   Vitamins are either WATER OR FAT soluble.   Without enough water and fat – you are starving for VITAMINS too.    Next…

Next, your mind is starving for CONVERSATION.   Conversation that requires THINKING – not just saying the approved – safe – and comfortable thoughts.

HOW MANY real conversations will you have during the holiday season?   Probably not many.  Skip the “approved conversations” and skip repeating the “safe thoughts” and ENGAGE both your mind and someone you love.  You will be glad you did.   

Your spirit is STARVING too.  It’s starving because you keep KILLING your dreams.   No matter how old, no matter how young, no matter how rich, no matter how poor – odds are you are NOT feeding your spirit by living your dreams.    Don’t delay, start today.  You only have this meat suit for so long, after it’s gone LIVING YOUR DREAMS won’t be nearly the adventure it could be if you lived them out TODAY.  Go for it.

Side Note:  What if your BODY experience, was meant to FEED your soul?   What if you were truly infinite – the only game in town would be to show up here – and THINK you were finite – so you could “take risks” and have some lovely adventures DISCOVERING you and EXPLORING this wonderful world we live in.

Take the time to take some “risks” and those lovely adventures will give you SOMETHING to talk about….

And finally….


You are starving THE WORLD by not living full out.    Skinny dip for God’s sake.   Kiss a stranger.  Tell someone you love them.  Take a stand.  Eat some massive quantities of butter and prove the doctors WRONG.   Tell someone, tell someone else.

Stop starving the world.  Stop starving your friends and family.   And start living full out.

Starting – Right – Now.


Mr Twenty Twenty

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