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Hey mate,

I’ve doubled my income (repeatedly), transformed my body (I’m fitting back into my much thinner clothing again), amped up my health (amazed the doctors) and…

Well heaps of things, big things….

Never by doing “New Years Resolutions” – always by doing 90 Day Experiments.

Think about this for a minute.

It’s “the new year”.  Time for a change, right?

“According to whom?”


Just the THOUGHT of doing something different because someone (or society) tends to want something to change now  NOW, when THEY SAY is the new year – that’s basing YOUR PERSONAL CHANGE AND GROWTH AND TRANSFORMATION on an external trigger.

That external trigger that tends to get you nowhere special is…

The New Year.

What if the reason why most people fail, year after year with their new years resolutions wasn’t because of “lack of will power”….

What if the BIG REASON why most people fail year after year with their new years resolution is because the FIRST THOUGHT they have is something like this…

“Well, it’s the new year, and I don’t want this year to be like last year so I will lose weight, stop smoking, give up porn etc…”

That doesn’t give me one drop of life giving energy.  Not one.   And if you want to change your life – you need ENERGY to do it.

Remember this and…

Contrast that with how I keep transforming my life and amping up my results….

I notice “something cool” to try out, to do.  Something that someone I respect is doing that is changing their life.  So….

I design a 90 day experiment around that.  Something I read about that EXCITES ME AND INTERESTS ME.  Something that WILL amp up some level of my life – and take me to new heights – or not.

Something that is giving me ENERGY, just reading about it.

But what if the 90 Experiment Doesn’t Work?

If it doesn’t, the 90 Day Experiment will teach me HEAPS.   And give me something to build on for me and for my clients.  (Want to know where all this good stuff I keep pumping out comes from?  It comes from living life – doing heaps of 90 day experiments.)

Making sense?

Victoria and I run these 90 day experiments all the time.   Right now I am on day 78 of one (and it’s going very well) and on day 412 of another – one that just kept going because it was such good fun and is still giving me great results.

And yes, I’ve had a few that I just let die.  I took some great lessons from them and when the ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM moved to something related to a failed 90 Day Experiment, I took what I learned – built a new system to explore and I dove back in.

But there is a catch….

Sometimes when I share this approach, people take MONTHS to find a “90 day experiment” to do.   That’s called silly.   When I ask them about that, they always tell me that they don’t want to start up one they aren’t sure about, or that they haven’t researched enough, and of course – they don’t want to start up one right now – and then have to wait to start up what could be a REALLY GOOD ONE…


At the end of this physical adventure, when you are old and gray – will you have heaps of adventures to share with the nice nurses or will you have excuses and complaints.

How often do you hear me complaining?


You can do 2 or 3 Ninety Day Experiments at a time.  And you can end one early if you want.  The key is run with what makes you want to run.   Because if you put it off waiting for “all the data” or put it off because you might find another one tomorrow – you are just letting your life blood ooze out of the psychological wound called procrastination.

Dive in.  Do a 90 Day Experiment  – starting right now.

You’ll be so glad you did.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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