Making Love – Making Life – Making Money

Making Love - Making Life

“Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.” ~Epicurus

Too many men – don’t take the time – or have the guts to make love, not even to a lovely lady. They are too busy focusing on getting by. Surviving. Making it to the end of the month – instead of making life the adventure of a lifetime.

Just getting by – is like just getting along. Don’t bother.

Why would you want to just get by with a lovely lady? Or in business… or in life? Because if you are going to be satisfied – truly satisfied, it’s not about “just getting by or getting along”. It’s about the conception and creation of a wave worth surfing together.

This applies to both you and your lady. And this applies to you and your clients. And to every conversation you ever have – with anyone. Period.

Stop living life as if it is a rerun. Every day is full of promise and potential. All you have to do is open up to it – and have the guts to dive in.

Cutting Edge Moment…

SLICE TO THE CORE SIDE NOTE: Have you noticed most people who watch reruns – or live them – don’t bother reading Napoleon Hill? (They know Hank Hill quite well, but not the Napoleon Hill that could make them rich.)

Just like when I had PTSD. For a while – life was all reruns. Flashbacks and reruns. But you know me… that couldn’t last for long.

I decided to… make love every moment – with everyone I met.

Napoleon Hill noticed those who are the happiest and the most successful – have both high sex drives and personal magnetism. They aren’t frustrated and frantic – they aren’t boring and burned out. They are like me, actively seeking out – people – possibilities – projects to make love (life) with.

Making love = Making LIFE – It’s about appreciating what is – and unleashing what is possible – through the creative act.

Take what you’ve got – use it to create something wonderous.

Right now, I am co-creating a project that is helping soldiers and others with PTSD heal themselves. I’ve been there, done that. So I take my experiences in both NLP and life – having had PTSD long ago – and now we have the NLP and PTSD project (adventure) – to help soldiers and others who have been traumatized – to have lives worth living again. (It’s not hard to help a soldier or anyone with PTSD. It just takes some understanding of the process and the willingness to create change.)

What will you create today – how will you make love (life)?

Make Love. Have Impact. Conceive and Create something wonderous.

Mr Twenty Twenty

Think of it this way…. when a man longs to make love with a woman – truly make love with her… He isn’t thinking about just getting by. He’s not luke warm. He is ON FIRE – focused to the max – APPRECIATING her, appreciating the moment…. and unleashing himself – his essence – his creative force – and she is complimenting it – complimenting him – and something is born. This is what Napoleon Hill called Sex Transmutation. There is no room in the psyche for hesitation – doubt – double mindedness. So go make love today mate!

Mr Twenty Twenty

By Twenty Twenty

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