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What you learned in school if your are like most people, turned out to be pretty much useless.  I’m just saying, not just based on my life, and the lives of many of my friends who graduated about 30 years ago, but really – look around – if what you learned was close to what mattered – wouldn’t your lifestyle and wouldn’t the economy be a bit better?

Here are a few tiny things you can teach yourself, that they didn’t bother letting you know existed – at least not in a way that was important.   Let’s start with MATH.


The more completely you get that, the better your financial lifestyle is going to be.

Most of use learned to trade time for dollars in school.   (By teachers who were trading time for dollars.  Imagine if Ross Perot or Bill Gates taught MATH.)

“If an hour is worth $10 bucks, and you trade away 10 hours, how much money do you have?”   (The answer, is $100, before taxes – of course.)

But then, remember it got better.   The math teacher would THEN ask you, “If you want $50 more dollars, how many more hours do you have to trade away?”    (If you are like 95% of the people in the world, you actually ANSWERED the question – INSTEAD of coming up with a better way to use math to make money.

Let’s peek at this a tiny different way.

I am an information product producer and marketer.  What that means is after taking a few hours to read up on something I find fascinating – or taking a few hours to figure out how to share something cool that I already know – – I take an hour of my time, and create something that I can market forever.   Could be a quick video that gets distributed by Amazon, could be downloadable audio files that are on my computer, or could be something I write and save as a PDF for you to read.

The math side of the coin looks like this.   “What I Get Paid for TEN hours of time = $10 x (how many sales come in between now and when my body ceases to breathe.)”   That’s assuming I sell the resulting product for $10, which is pretty darn easy – if you have learned effective communication strategies  – which they didn’t get ANYWHERE near teaching you in school.  (If you want, I could write an article on those – contrasting that with what you learned from teachers and fellow students back in the day.)


“What I get paid for TEN hours of time (a ONE time investment) = $10 x (an infinite number of sales).”

Now If I had 10 sales per week for the first month – I will have made the same $400 that Joe BagODonuts made for working 40 hours (10 hours a week for 4 weeks) – in that same month.   But here is what’s cool.   Since I am my own boss, and I only have to work ONE ten hour week ONCE, to get paid well, I am going to give myself a raise of 7% per month

Joe probably isn’t going to get a 7% raise every month – like I will – just by putting in maybe an hour every week.

But if Joe puts in 4 extra hours a month – he will get paid another what, $40 bucks, (just once for that time he traded) right?

But if I put in 4 hours a month – to reach out to my customers, to post up some testimonials, to do maybe a radio interview or write an article about “my stuff” – odds are I will get 7% growth per month, for a long long time.

But wait, who would put in 4 hours a month for a measly 7% per month?

I would, and I do.  And you would too, if you were taught THE MATH THAT MATTERS.

At a rate of 7% growth per month, every month (which isn’t all that hard) – your income DOUBLES about every 10 months.     (So if in invest 40 hours TOTAL over the ten months, in a way that gives me 7% growth per month, my income DOUBLES.)

Yes, I am repeating myself, because THEY had you repeat 2×2 = 4 A THOUSAND TIMES, so you would would work twice as many hours so you could bring home MAYBE twice the money – WHILE stressing yourself out and paying heaps more in taxes….

Anyhoo, let’s recap.

So if in Month ONE, I was making $400, with that TINY bit of growth – by month TEN I am making about $800 per month.    And by month TWENTY, the income is up to apx $1600 per month. And by month THIRTY, I’m making $3,200 per month.

And remember, I’m not putting in TONS of time to make this happen.   Just a tiny bit of time every week to GROW AWARENESS of what I have to offer.   Like 4 hours a month.

And what do I do with all my spare time?

I create other new $10 products (or $100 ones) and focus on getting them on a STABLE GROWTH CYCLE.

Now, I’ll get real for just a second, just a bit more real that is.   There is a bit more to it than that.   You do need to understand not only your subject, but also your market.  Which means you need to write like a human – and not write like they taught you back in school.  That means you need to connect and communicate with your own “voice”, in the most effective way possible for your target market (the people who want to bless) to connect with you.   

That too takes a bit of “mental upgrading”, because the crap you learned in school – is mostly going to have you sound like a professor, a teacher, or some dead author from long ago.

If you are interested in more, leave a comment below or drop us an email at

Because let’s face it, until you choose to learn what they refused to teach you – you will get the results they want from  you.    Which ain’t much.


Mr Twenty Twenty


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