Ever Wonder if You Were Crazy? Dedication 101

Hey mate,

People like me, sometimes we just have to ask ourselves if we are crazy.

Because normal people don’t become obsessed with things like we do, from what I can tell.

For example…

I’ve been doing what many people think is “old people’s exercise” for over 20 years now – and I’ll admit – I am obsessed with it.

Not only am I obsessed with it – but I have NEVER, not once – done it correctly.

Tai Ji Chuan is explored (not performed) – by following a set of principles – life changing principles – while doing an activity.

That activity could be the “tai ji form” that you’ve seen people doing – it looks like slow kung fu.  That activity could be doing some other forms or routines of movements – both fast or slow.  Or it could be a partner drill.   But the key is…

You’ve got to follow the formula – do the movements right.

And no matter how right they might “look” – what matters most is if you are doing what the principles tell you to do.

Here’s why….

From what I can tell, when you are 100% here and now – and 100% congruent with your intent and movement – all the principles “happen”.   When you are “close but no cigar” the principles let you know – you are close – keep playing.

Life in general for me – is about exploring – noticing – becoming more aware and more alive.

I notice that principles for me seem to play a lovely part.    What principles do you live by?

Do they help you explore and experience more of you and the world?

Let us know with a comment below.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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