How to Take Control of Your MInd – Part 2

So let’s assume that controlling the conversations inside your mind is a good idea, because it’s a very effective way to control your thinking, improve your results and eliminate mental drain.   While we are at it, let’s start with this:  

You can only have ONE conversation going on inside your mind at a time. And that conversation is either going to support you – or drive you nuts.

The key is to CONTROL the conversation, so that it is ALWAYS something that empowers you. The problem is that doing that takes EFFORT, and if you are tired, sleepy, distracted – well then your inner conversations are probably going to go into default mode – and that’s not fun – and why you are here.


We share a actionable summary on Multiple Mind Theory in PTSD FREE because once you get that you have MULTIPLE MINDS, you will be able to much more easily CONTROL the team of minds inside your head.  Current research, documented in the book, states that it appears that we have multiple minds – that CAN work together on the same team – to accomplish great things – or at least bring sanity and peace to life. But the problem is – odds are you are trying to live as if you have ONE mind, and that old THEORY just makes it much more difficult to take charge.

You might want to do this too….

So, I decided to try on the theory that I have multiple minds, and then started to build into my GROUP of minds, one of them that I call THE COMMANDER. The COMMANDER mind has one role, command and control my minds, specifically my imagination. When I take a few minutes daily to relax, meditate and get in touch with my COMMANDER mind, tell him what I need him to do – and give him the respect he needs – he runs my imagination and my other minds quite well.   (If you are going to have  a model – to base your behavior and beliefs on – you might as well make it one that is USEFUL and that EMPOWERS YOU.)

On the other hand, if I try to manage my minds MYSELF, by buying into the ONE MIND theory, life gets TIRING, because then “I” have to control “the mind” all day long.

So here is what I want you to do. Here is the take away from this article:

  • Just pretend that you have multiple minds – that can work together on the same team – to accomplish great things – or at least bring peace and sanity into your life.
  • Take 5 to 15 minutes a day, for the next 7 days, and simply relax, be with your commander mind, and tell him what you want him to do.

Sounds crazy, right?

To some people this sounds totally insane. To those who have been driven insane by stress, by an out of control imagination, and who do this tiny little THOUGHT EXPERIMENT – it is the backdoor into SANITY AND SUCCESS.

Do it. Then judge it. And if you want, I have a gift for you. Read the first few pages of my newest best seller, PTSD FREE. It goes into detail about how and why this works, and what to do to take your mind back under your control. If you like it, invest the price of 2 beers and get the rest of the book – and change your life with it.

Download this and use it.  My gift.

Free Introduction to PTSD FREE – The NLP Thought Experiments

By Twenty Twenty

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