How to Take Control of Your MInd – Part 1

If you are not in control of your mind, you are not  in control of your destiny.

Because when your mind is out of control – you will tend to worry – obsess – and maybe even have anxiety.   And that’s not good for your happiness or your productivity.

Maybe you’ve noticed what I noticed when training to become an NLP expert.  I woke up one day almost 20 years ago – and realized that almost every problem I had in life was either caused by my imagination – or it existed ONLY inside my imagination.   Once you get that, you can take effective action – and get a grip on living life full out.

Eliminating stress, distractions, and self destruction.

“Back in the early 90’s, I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Most people with it have nightmares, flashbacks and unexplained anxiety. Commonly those symptoms are treated with medication, medication that turns you somewhat into a zombie – unresponsive to the crap your mind keeps bringing up. I didn’t like pills, and I had a crazy idea, why don’t we deal with the mind – where it all begins – take it back under your control – and start living life again.”

So how do you take control of your mind effectively – and eliminate the death grip of worry, stress, fear, anxiety?


What do you think the number one thing most people imagine – all day long is?

What most people tend to imagine – all day long – every single day are CONVERSATIONS.

  • You imagine conversations that you had.
  • You imagine conversations that you might have.
  • You  imagine conversations that people are having – about them.

And odds are, a way too high percentage of those conversations inside your head  are either negative, defensive, or argumentative. What kind of impact do you suspect those conversations are having – on your health – happiness – and performance?

Hint:  (It’s not good.)

So way back then, when I decided I was going to be in charge of my life again, I started developing a series of THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS to take control of my mind – by taking control of those conversations.

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By Twenty Twenty

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