Day 17 – Persistence or Pain? Which do you choose.

Look mate.

You are going to be motivated by something.

Here’s the deal. On the most simple level – think kindergarten – you will be motivated either by your persistence – or by your pain.

Pick. It’s entirely up to one person, you.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich was big on Persistence. I think that tells you something worth considering. Anyhoo….

POWERPOINT: YOU won’t be able to be persistent – until you control the voices in your HEAD – and choose to use a productivity program – that focuses you on results.


We might want to write this one down.

Because RESULTS are what matter – when you are persistent.

And on the other hand – RELIEF is what matters – when you mind is focused on PAIN.

Have you noticed how many IMAGINARY PAINS we all try to avoid – when CRAPPY CONVERSATIONS are stuck inside our heads?

Take that to heart….

READ IT AGAIN. The truth behind it is well worth the 7 seconds.

Crass commercial coming on – because I can only share so much given the limits of typed words. And I can share much much more of what works in a recording….

Warning: If you choose to read on – you might be tempted to think a little differently – you might even take action.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: Today I worked for 6 hours on the Apache Scout Mind Control 2012 – Crash course. It now has 3 Handbooks – 3 downloadable mp3’s and a bonus we originally sold for over $100 bucks. I was TOTALLY PERSISTENT on finishing up what will be one of our all time best products – because it is what it is.

PPS: I notice too when I am persistent – I don’t notice my body’s aches and pains much. Have you noticed that too? What would happen if doctors presribed more persistence – instead of hooking us on pain killers so quickly? Just a thought.

PPS: Leave a comment mate. Share us on facebook and where ever else you go. This is how we impact the world and we greatly appreciate it.

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By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at


  1. Great Article, Mr. Twenty Twenty! The only thing I would add is how important it is to Know that whatever you want Is Already Done, and we just need to Allow it in by not resisting it (due to doubt, etc). Allowing is the key. Knowing we are worthy to receive is another key. Thank you, as always!


  2. I have read a lot of Neville lectures, and still have hundreds to go. I have read several books from Joseph Murphy. And now I am listening to cd’s from Rev. Ike on Thinkonomics. On Rev. Ike, go to YouTube, do a search and he will come up. Rev. Ike, Joseph Murphy and Nevile have all passed on to the next dimension, wherever that may be it, but they left us all with a gift of knowledge which we can all use.

    Anyway I just recently started this, and in my imagination I place myself in front of a mirror, and as I am looking at myself, I am looking at the body that I want to see, and I do it as often as possible, as I have other imaginings that I also am doing. I have a picture of a man’s midsection that I look at also, this is a picture of the way that I want to be. I do not call myself as being on a diet, but I know that I must watch what I eat and not make a glutton out of myself. Besides just imagining, I have to put forth the effort to achieve what I want, and not just imagine. With my legs being the way they are at this moment, I cannot as yet exercise the way I would like to, but I do as much as I can, for now.

    My beliefs are that I will have that desired body, my legs will be re-newed, so to speak, and I will have all the money that I want, by imagining.

    Have a great day mate…(((hugs))) love ya buddy…Mark

    I know what I want, and I know the process of achieving it, and I believe in my mind that I will have it all. Everything takes time, and patience.

    1. Thank you Mark!

      Motivation and monitoring seem to work so well with IMAGINING.

      I don’t work much at making things happen, I just focus (IMAGINE) and Act.

      All while tremendously enjoying unraveling what we put in our own ways.

      Hugs to you my friend,


  3. Hi there and do have a great upcoming year.
    I cant see where this comment by “Anne” is thats mentioned in the mail and neither where the relevant daily quote is.
    Perhaps the lack of alcohol is taking its toll
    Best regards

  4. Interesting as always, but there is something I have trouble reconciling. Here you are equating persistence to action whereas Neville does not. He says to NOT DO anything to make it happen, no tricks, no diets, etc., as these actions are saying “I do not have what I want”, “I AM not yet the person I want to be”.

    This is hard to do but I have realised desires (mine and loved ones’) without doing anything in the world of effects – In fact there was nothing I could do most of the time. All of my “work” was done in the world of cause, imagination.

    1. Hi Anne,

      Great question. Here is my experience, I hope you find it useful.

      I don’t do much of anything to actually MAKE something happen. But anyone now knows me knows I am very active – even when siting still, enjoying a good cigar, looking out onto the ocean.

      From what I can tell, as human beings – we have an amazing opportunity to participate in the emergence of “thought into reality” I imagined my body – much stronger and much more flexible some time ago. And I simply found myself exercising daily – using little Four Minute Routines – that have totally transformed my body. I feel good – and that helps me imagine and feel good about even more in my life.

      It’s the same in my biz adventures. I imagine “the results”. I imagine the lifestyle – writing powerful articles, producing powerful products- the lives that are touched – the income for both me and my clients. And I again find “my body”, which is part of the universe that responds to the Divine Imagination – I find it taking action – like writing this reply.

      Imagining “you getting what you need in response to your question” opens the door to action being taken. And to me taking my part in the action.

      Have a great day!

      Crass commercial: I would love to do a Custom Recording on this. The first person to paypal $47 dollars (notice that is a reduced price) to us for it at – gets to be part of the process – have their questions addressed- and their programming loosened up. This could be GREAT FUN to explore at a depth that the written word can’t possibly touch. Time to rock and roll.

      1. “The world is a mirror where-in everyone sees himself reflected. The objective world reflects the beliefs of the subjective mind. Some people are self-impressed best by visual images, others by mental sounds, and still others by mental actions. The form of mental activity which allows the whole power of your attention to be focused in one chosen direction is the one to cultivate, until you can bring all to plan on your objective at the same time.” – Neville

  5. “Brazen Impudence, not take No for an answer”, that really fires up the persistent juices.Keep at it Twenty Twenty.

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