It's called THINK and GROW Rich for a reason, by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

He called it, “THINK and Grow Rich”.

He DID NOT call it, “Tell me the right answer so I can grow rich!”

Look, it’s this simple, you DO want to learn from experts.   They will give you answers you need.  If you take the time to learn Systems used by experts, you’ll save yourself tons of time, and money, when it comes to becoming mega successful.

And even more importantly according to many experts, if you want to become mega successful, you need to learn how to THINK.

They didn’t teach you this “thinking” in school, in fact, many people tell me that school trained them not to think.

Because back in school, you were trained to give a simple and quick answer, the the question asked by the teacher.   “The Right Answer” got you a silver star.

So today, Monday – November 10, 2008, you sit in front of your computer, asking what is the right answer that will help you business and life kick arse?

You ready for it?

The right answer is learn how to think more.   Learn how to think more, by asking more powerful and productive questions.

Here are Three Vital Steps to Thinking Clearly

Thinking involves you asking questions that help you notice what’s going on, both out there and inside of you…

Thinking involves you asking questions that help you choose a destination, a solution….

Thinking involves you asking questions that help you take the actions that move you closer to the solution.

Thinking involves PRODUCING THOUGHT.   Not just “getting the answer”.

Here’s one more “thought of the day”, who makes more money?

Those who focus on PRODUCING?  Or, those who focus on “getting”?

Produce some thoughts today.   Do some thinking.  You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t get stuck on “getting” the right answer.  Often if you get the right answer, you miss out on so many more amazing possibilities.  Have a great day!

Thanks for reading,

Your friend,

Mr. Twenty Twenty

PS:  Need some motivation?  Head over to NLP LIVE for some goodies you can’t resist… unless you don’t have a pulse.

PPS:  Remember THE BIG KEY!  Asking questions!  Asking Profitable Questions yields profit.   The better the questions you can ask, the more success you will have.  Here is my question for you today, one that we’ve been exploring in some of our trainings recently, How exactly can you train your mind to ask MORE profitable and more powerful questions?   Let me know what you think!

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By Twenty Twenty

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