How to make money doing what you are passionate about!

Maybe you are like most people I know, you have something that you are really good at, and passionate about – but haven’t been able to make enough money doing it.

Many people I meet have struggled – trying not to go broke, trying to sell services or products they are passionate about. I’ve been there, done that, and I have a 90 Degree Solution for you.

Here’s my story. I am passionate and good at several things besides my “NLP” and Coaching practice which I limit to 2 1/2 days a week. I’m great at building websites, writing articles, and I love helping people.

So I have tried making websites that work – for clients – trying to help people get their message and their service out to the world. It’s fun, it’s profitable for all, and here is “The Problem”, most people who want to get online, don’t have a clue.

“Out of pure lack of experience online, they think that all websites are pretty much the same – and they don’t have the know how or strategy to make their website hard to miss and easy to find.”

So they tend to become BROKE do it your-selfers. That’s okay, that’s how I started. Then I started listening and taking some 90 Degree Angles to success.

Let’s apply this to ME AND YOU – so you can make some money today.

So I used to sit here, and promote “my passion for building websites that work”. My clients are happy, but I’m not getting enough business to make it worth my efforts. So here is the choice, “Do I PUSH HARDER and hope more clients call, or do I seek a 90 Degree Solution?”

I shift GEARS and take the 90 Degree Solution.

Now, instead of promoting that I make websites that work for clients, I am mostly focused on making informational websites with ads on them. Sites that are paying me, when someone genuinely interested clicks on a Google Ad, or buys a product that I am a referrer for.

Here’s the key. I took my skills and passion – and made a 90 Degree Turn in how I get paid to do what I do. Now, I get paid when people click. I simply enjoy building the site, writing content, and promoting – sharing it with people who are interested in it. Now, if they are interested in the ads and products – Google and the Seller both pay me.

I don’t have to wait for a client to call up or email. I simply wake up and take what I am good at and passionate about – and I apply it in a new way.

We call this the 90 Degree Solution.

What is the 90 Degree Solution to your current struggle with doing what you are designed to do – doing what you are passionate about – doing what you are really good at – and making good money at it?

Step back – and look at it all from a 90 Degree Angle – better yet – get someone you know and trust to help you do this. You might be surprised at what you find.

Pure Potential! (It’s what you are. Now go live it!)

Mr Twenty Twenty

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