Heart – Soul – Freedom – Happiness

Heart and soul. Health and wealth. It’s not about the money, the struggle or the stuff. It’s about LIVING LIFE.

“Sometimes to live your life to the fullest, you have to abandon the ghost town – the world – you’ve been living in.”

I am a Subjective Modeler. I have a gift, and a skillset that enables me to notice the peculiarities of how specific people think, how they process and represent themselves and their world. But Subjective NLP Modeling isn’t about just duplicating a persons method – strategy – sequence to get their results.

Subjective NLP Modeling is about doing what it takes, getting the insights, details and distinctions – that enable you to abandon your world and it’s limitations – and to truly, honestly and more completely step into the world of another. To discover you, them and the world anew again.

Yes, doing this can make your more successful. Duplicating a successful person’s process and inner world can help you duplicate their success.

And more importantly, get to lose what gets in the way of you feeling satisfied – and experiencing a childlike freedom and energy. With Subjective NLP Modeling you get to discover what you defined you as, and how you limited your world – aren’t real. You and your world are so much more that what you and I have defined them as.

And being able to step out of “you” and into another persons world is a priceless gift.

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PS: I started out today with Heart – Soul – Freedom – Happiness. It’s all about really LOSING YOUR MIND. Lose what you think about, when it comes to you and your world and the people in it – and you get to radically rediscover it (and you) again. Go for it and have fun!

PPS: This could be why kids have so much energy, and capacity to live and love. They don’t have their “ghost town” built yet. They seem to have a natural gift and curiosity that helps them get into other worlds. Whoo yah.

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By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at 2020@exhostage.com.