How filtered are you? by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

Before any belief can form, before any thought can be formulated, before any input can reach YOU, or any output can reach the world, it has to pass through your filters. The Elders called filters, “Ways of Perceiving.”

Your filters. Your ways of perceiving. They modify everything going in. Everything you see, everything you touch, everything you hear. It’s all filtered. None of it is pure, it’s all skewed.¬† The quicker you can notice this, the faster your life force will become more fully expressed.

Think about this….

Some people have sets of filters that help them succeed, be happy, become more alive, energized and aware.

Other people have filters that contribute to their odds of failing, their chronic complaints, their lack of energy.

“Have you noticed that when you are TIRED, the slope of a hill you are looking at seems steeper? And when you are energized, what could be a big problem, suddenly becomes manageable.”

Some filters are just like that, they can change with your energy level.

Other filters are almost permanent, lifelong, unless you know how to play with them, or experience significant trauma. (Have you noticed how many people who have big traumas in life, become huge givers and productive in entirely new ways?)

Back to filters… Ways of Perceiving…

“Something catches your eye (even what catches your eye is somewhat determined by your filters… some people will notice something that SUDDENLY shows up, others will notice something that keeps showing up REPEATEDLY, others still will notice once it gets SO CLOSE… and still others will notice something that just STAYS THERE for quite some time.) (We call this grouping of Filters 0 The Convincers.)”

Before you know it, you’ve added labels like good / bad or move towards / away from.

Those are what we call digital filters in our trainings. They are either / or in nature. They are pretty easy to notice and to play with.

Playing with your filters can make you rich, decrease stress, and energize you. Because the more flexibilty you have in perceiving, the more opportunities you will be able to see and participate in.

Maybe I’ll come back later after playing for a while and put an example right here:

There is another kind of filter, one that’s a little bit more subtle, harder to detect and to play with, and wields immensely more power over your life. Those are Analog filters. They filter according to degree.

They include:

How big do you perceive yourself to be? (Bigger isn’t always better, it’s just a variable. If you immediately thought bigger was better, you tried to make an analog filter (big) into a digital (good / bad).

How much play do you have in life; in comparison to how at war are you in life? (It’s a ratio.)


Out of time!

I’ll stop back and write more later!

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By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at