20/20 Special Report – Extreme Fun – Diet and Exersize Programs

NOTE TO THE READER: This “special report” on proprietary diet and exercise programs were initially posted on the Killing Zombies discussion Group. If you enjoy it, go ahead and Digg It, Stumble it, and Tweet it. Thanks!

NJ Tom,

In the discussion list, you mentioned being overweight and something in that thread evolved with Mark’s suggestion on diet and on making a measurable difference in the world.


Do my diet programs, they are much better than anything out there.

The 20/20 Diet Program #1: Kill it and Grill it. If you don’t BOTH kill it and grill then then you don’t eat it.  High in protein and depending on how and what you kill, and how much wood you need to chop for the fire, built in FUNCTIONAL exercise program.  You get bonus benefits if you exercise your 2nd Amendment rights in the process.

Since you are from NJ, I know, that the Kill it and Grill it program, might be problematic. So why not try my second program, inspired by Ricardo “Simonds”

The 20/20 Diet Program #2: Steal a Meal.  It’s also called the Grab and Stab program. Anything you can steal or violently take from someone else who is 18 or over, AND who is in better shape than you, is fair game.

Even a combination of both programs would make a dent in the “waste” line.

2020siteAnd as far as making a measurable difference in the world, well it does seem that “size matters”, as well as “the motion in the ocean”.

So increase both.

Your friend, genius mentor, trainer, and absolutely insane….

Mr. Twenty Twenty
“The man of Perfect Vision – Big Picture Thinking – Focus – Clarity – and the American Way”

PS: It’s so easy to get SERIOUS when shooting toward a goal.  And since “serious” doesn’t feel good to most folks, they tend not to follow through. On the other hand, I can’t wait to exercise and train.  I do my 2020 Power Trainings 3 times a week, for 7 minutes.  That’s it!  Most of my entire routine is on a very heavy duty kids “jungle gym” kind of thing in the local park.  My pull ups, chin ups, push ups, dips…. all done with perfect form, slow, and with just tiny little breaks in between sets.  Exercising on the jungle gym keeps me smiling, especially knowing that there is a security camera there, and the local government spies can enjoy themselves.

PPS: Who else is gonna have “fun for a change”? (A phrase that to me reads, changing by having fun, but sounds better when in the first “quoted” form. Well, who?

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