What is your burning desire?

Let’s play with what could be a very powerful and life changing idea.

“You have multiple minds”

“You have multiple minds – that can give you AMAZING results – and an incredible lifestyle – IF they are working together – as a same team.

Let’s create a model in the next 90 sesonds, that creates magical change….

One of your minds – is the DETERMINER. It has ONE job, and that is to simply DETERMINE the WHAT your other minds will FOCUS on. The DETERMINER – needs to do it’s job EARLY ON, because it is like the COACH that gets the team playing AS ONE.

NOTE: If you do NOT have your DETERMINER MIND do it’s job, life gets VERY INTERESTING. Think TEAM without ANY COACH or leadership….

Determining what you want. This is where DETAILS AND SPEED matter.

Because once you know EXACTLY where you are going – YOUR OTHER MINDS can do their jobs, like generate the course to take and pick the most effective vehicle to get you there.

The DETERMINER is designed to help you – focus on – a BURNING DESIRE – something that LIGHTS YOUR FIRE – something specific that FUELS your system. (If your outcome doesn’t LIGHT YOUR FIRE, try again buckwheat.)

So use it – right now – to PICK something well worth focusing on – pick something well worth being attracted to – like a moth to a flame – because THAT TARGET will be what DRIVES your other minds.

“What is your burning desire?” (For good fun, start asking that to people you know, people you meet THAT QUESTION… and you will discover that most people don’t have one – AND that the people who do have a burning desire – for some reason seem to be much more interesting – productive – energized and FUN to be with.

EXCEPTIONAL EXAMPLE: One of my burning desires is to help people life The Adventure Of A Lifetime – by discovering the REAL POWER of the mind. So I write articles, share technologies, and help you train your brains BY ASKING effective questions….

As you can see – having a burning desire – gets you taking action – and that’s why I am writing this article TODAY, right now – for you and I to read and to benefit wildly from.

So SINCE you have determined your BURNING DESIRE, let’s move on to the next part of your mind – THE MAGIC BOX – CLICK HERE.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: You are going to find out in the next 90 seconds – what happens when you don’t have a BURNING DESIRE. Hint: One of your other MINDS – will create havoc and suffering in your life – and megatons of STRESS if you don’t have a burning desire – so…. click it.

PPS: The photo is from Max Brenner’s. They have ONE burning desire – product AMAZING chocolate goodies. They do it GRAND, they are always busy, they are world famous. All because they got their DETERIMER MIND to do it’s job – so that their MAGIC BOX could run wild. Keep reading, it’s gonna get VERY VERY GOOD.


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By Twenty Twenty

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