What is REALLY important? by Mr. Twenty Twenty

“I want to share an experience I had this morning. But I can’t. It still hurts way too much. And anyway, the content doesn’t matter. What follows, especially toward the end, that’s what really matters.”

What is REALLY important?

That is a question that can be answered by your head. What do you THINK is important? That question, answered by your head will give you an answer, hopefully correct, hopefully useful, based on the data you have.

What is REALLY important?

What is really important can also be answered by “you”.  Something more than your head.  Something that includes your heart, spirit, emotions and “head”.

What REALLY is important?

Last night I passed up an opportunity that I can’t get back. If I told you what it was, you might not think it was a big deal.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

But, here is the key, last night, I thought.ONE THING was more important than another.

This morning, I see the whole world differently.

On a similar and related note.

While in Tampa last week, I met a drunk.  It apparently was more important to him to get his buzz on than it was to….

Long story short, I almost had to hit him, and his buddy too.  I didn’t. It was close.  His wife showed up.

Apparently, being fucked up is more important to him than his wife.  And his friends.

If you know me, you know I don’t buy into the whole “he’s an alcoholic” thing, or the disease model of addiction.    That just puts the power outside of you.

That just puts “what is important” outside of you.

One more.

No, forget it.  It’s more important that YOU today get honest with yourself about what is important.


I mean it.

What is truly important to you?

Will it be that important to you TOMORROW – once everything has changed?

Don’t just think it through, take it to heart, give it some soul.

Your friend,

Mr. Twenty Twenty



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