Mr Twenty Twenty – Post 101 – Inspired by Tim Ferriss

Let me ask you a question.

Ever just get totally inspired?  Or sidetracked?

Ever just get totally inspired AND sidetracked by what’s in front of you?

Me too.

That’s what happened to me this month.  I bet you’ll find this quick little article quite inspiring if you can relate.

So this month in my year long Remarkable training, we are modeling Mr.  Timothy Ferris.   That means that I go into functional detail into the dynamics that run his thinking.

Because if you try to adopt his THOUGHTS, without adopting HIS STYLE OF THINKING, and the dynamics that drive it, you won’t be able to do or sustain doing his “four hour work week” for example.


You’ve got to observe and make distinctions about HOW PEOPLE THINK AND PERCEIVE THE WORLD if you want to MAXIMIZE your use of their methods of success.

“That’s a mouthful, and that’s an adventure.”

Because like the good book says, or implies, “you will be known by the company you keep”. Keep good company, let them and their ways rub off on you.

So I’ve been keeping good company with Tim Ferris this month.   And the results speak for themselves.

I won’t go into “my details”, they would bore you.  What I will suggest is that you take the time to associate with greatness, discover not just what they think, but HOW THEY THINK, and what DRIVES their thinking.


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