Direct your thoughts and choose your destiny. Buz McGuire

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by Buz McGuire

We are continually in the process of becoming.

Think about that word – ‘becoming’.  What we are to be is coming. And it’s coming, no matter what.

Our lives are never stagnant.  We either progress or digress.  We are creatures of change.

There are two choices:  We can fail to take control of our thoughts and allow outside, random forces to direct our lives, ultimately slipping further away from our perfect selves, or we can think with purpose and direct our own lives,  moving toward our perfect selves.

We always get to choose the direction we move; even in doing nothing, we are actually making a choice. By doing nothing we are choosing to lose.

As time passes, change happens, either for better or worse.  Change happens continually; it cannot be stopped.  So, since change is inevitable, why not do everything possible to go in a preferred direction?  There’s simply no reason to do otherwise.

You don’t need to fret or push; just get in the flow of life that is heading the direction you want to go.  To direct change, think in a changed direction.  Think like the person you long to be.  Don’t worry about the physical; concentrate on your thoughts.

“When thoughts move in the right direction, physical follows, guaranteed.”

Recently, a friend was trying to kick a cigarette addiction. One day, she shared her worries with me.  “I’m dreading that feeling of craving a smoke. I’m dreading that feeling of depriving myself.  I know I’ll be cranky when I go through withdrawals.  I know this will take forever.  I don’t think I can do this.”

With those thoughts, she is doomed to failure because she is thinking like a smoker who is trying not to smoke.  And, as long as she thinks like a smoker, she IS a smoker, even if by sheer will, she is able to not smoke. In order to be a non-smoker, she must begin to think non-smoking thoughts.  Non-smokers don’t worry about craving a smoke or withdrawals.  Non-smokers seldom consider cigarettes at all.

Once we decide the change we want to make and know the type of person we desire to be, we must begin to think that person’s thoughts.

So, in order to be a non-smoker, think non-smoker thoughts. In order to be thin and fit, think thin and fit thoughts. In order to be loving, wealthy, happy, and peaceful, think thoughts of love, wealth, happiness, and peace.

“Direct your thoughts and choose your destiny.”

Choose what you will become.

Buz McGuire

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