Retreat Day 2 – ENERGY – COMMITMENT – Eliminating Energy Drains

Want more energy? More focus? More results that matter?

We are exploring on retreat, just like in life – how we have been attempting to live by COMPLIANCE – and how REAL ENERGY gets unleashed by the ACT OF COMMITMENT. You might want to write both COMPLIANCE and COMMITMENT down, your quality of life might just depend on getting the real difference between these.

What is your ENERGY LEVEL? How often do you have what it takes – to succeed – to cross the finish line?

Rate yourself – your energy level on the scale from 1 to 10. This will help you notice where in life you are coming from – COMPLIANCE OR COMMITMENT.

COMMITMENT: When I come from a level of commitment in life – with my Fighting Fit four minute exercise routines – my Food Regimine – My Business – I am energized and eager to dive in – improve my life – change my reality for the better. My body keeps getting healthier and stronger – so does my business – so do my trainings.

COMPLIANCE: When I attempt to live up to artificial rules – mine or other peoples – or try avoid the conflict and consequences of NON COMPLIANCE to bullies in any form – my energy – the life force – gets drained out of me.

Sound familiar? (Look around…. you might notice how common this really is.) (And get why eliminating the voices in your head and in your life that crush you with compliance.)

Maybe it is this simple. Let’s try on one of the most amazing and unknown geniuses of the past 50 years.

When I modeled Walter Russell – The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe – I learned that he NEVER got fatigued – mentally or physically. Walter lived a life COMMITTED to OUTCOMES AND EXCELLENCE. He saw himself as PURE ENERGY. He eliminated all need for approval of others – and the need to complain about anything. (He inspired several insights in the Positions of Power Training Package.) It was obvious when we visited his home just over 10 years ago – and saw the legacy he was leaving behind. You could feel his LEVEL OF LIFE AND COMMITMENT in your bones.

COMMITMENT – Something you feel inside your bones – something that ENERGIZES AND DRIVES you – something that gives birth to more beauty and productivity in the world.

So I want to know…

What are you committing to today?
What principles? Something like excellence I hope.
What outcomes? Make it a goodie. Not just numbers or jobs. Let’s commit to outcomes that ROCK AND ROLL.

And of major importance – How will you abandon the need to COMPLY with the insanity around you?

Leave a comment below – and then go read – THE NEXT ARTICLE!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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PS: You will know – when you are coming from commitment – because you will FEEL MORE ALIVE. You won’t be a RESPONSE to life – you will fully live it. Leave a comment below and share this with a friend! Thanks!

By Twenty Twenty

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