The Sign On The Fence – Adventures in Possibility

Adventures in Possibility

We hung him on the fence.

Our tiny little rewritable sign.

He hung there with a tiny little message and a smile. He started creating connections. Creating community. Creating cash flow. Creating change.

It began as an exercise in POSSIBILITY, and us asking a simple question. “What else can we do with this tiny little rewritable sign?”

First, we used him to write little notes, me and my girlfriend, back and forth. Leaving him in creative places in our home. Fun. Sweet. Keeping us in touch with each other, in touch with what’s real.

Just the other day, we hung him on our fence, next to our letter box. With a tiny little message, “Have an amazing day!”

We left the marker there, next to THE SIGN, hoping….

And our postie wrote back… and we were hooked – imagining all kinds of possibilities.

How many people every day use the walking trail next to our fence, now get to read and write tiny little notes, and have their lives touched, by our tiny little sign? (We can’t possibly imagine….)

So what’s next? (Besides sharing this story with you, hoping that you will leave a comment below and share how this inspires you with us.)

How else can this tiny little SIGN change the world?

I will be teaching Tai Ji and Native Wisdom classes here next season. Perhaps we will share a bit about that on THE SIGN. That could be fun.

Maybe the local paper will run an article, on that sign, the positive messages people share on it, and the couple who put it on their fence. If they do, people will get to know us, our message, and our giving to the community will grow much much more.

One little sign, with a positive giving message, touching a couple hundred lives each day. Bringing more people into the positiveness of our lives.

So let me ask you a question, I’d really love to read your answer below…. (Yes, that is a request to leave a comment, and help us all uplift each other…)

What can you do, what will you do, with your resources today? How can you use them to build your community, like we are, having fun, sharing stories, interweaving the fibers that we are – into a beautiful tapestry?

Let us know, leave a facebook comment below. (And push the LIKE button, we love that!)

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: This is how you can make MONEY and help more people too. I know the classes I will teach next season will grow because of people talking about us and our SIGN. Hanging it on the fence, giving away positiveness, arousing curiosity, creating community. This is also one of many ways to make money online, that we share with our coaching clients. Use your resources in creative ways. Combine 2 or 3 things together (like a fence, a marker, and a sign) that nobody else has – do it in a way that benefits people – and gets them talking. It really is that simple.

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