How much is google voice because Erle Montaigue is dead.

Just in case you were wondering….

“How much is google voice” and “Erle Montaigue is dead” are the two best terms I get traffic from in google. That’s almost depressing to me, being an internet marketer, as well as a professional coach and trainer. So I have to ask, what can I do differently – to get more people to find my site – who are not looking to use Google voice to call a dead tai ji master.

What if all of life was like this?

I do make a decent living through my online adventures, and that helps me survive and thrive in my offline ones. Some days I have plenty to spend, invest and play with…. other days I try to figure out how to make money off off dead tai ji masters and google. Really though….

From what I can tell, seems like one of the few things we can control – is how FULL OUT we choose to live. “How full out are you living today?”

The other is how high on the chart are your decisions coming from.

Low level: Fear, anger, desire, pride. (We might want to have less of those.)
High level: Acceptance. Love. Peace. Joy. (Obviously, the good stuff. Amp Up them.)

For what it’s worth… I’m here…. having fun. Trying to help humanity just by being me. Focusing on results and having an impact that matters…

And shaking my head… wondering why dead tai chi masters and google voice bring me so much traffic.

How will you apply this tiny little bit to your life today?

Me, I will give thanks to “all that is”, you know, the big “G”. Not google, but God. I have been blessed so much this lifetime. Blessed to give. Blessed to receive.

What are you thankful for? How are you blessed today? What odd things like google voice and dead tai ji masters capture your attention and make you think, wonder, ponder, or contemplate?

Let me know, leave a comment below.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: This is where I should have links for you to get stuff. Instead I will thank you for reading and commenting below.

By Twenty Twenty

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