Why what you hold in mind tends to… Or Did The Secret Lead Us into a Depression?

“What you hold in mind tends to manifest.”

I’m not going all new agey on you here. Just try this on.

“What you hold in mind tends to manifest, because what you hold in mind is more likely to show up in your words and deeds, than something you never hold in mind.”

Makes sense, right?

So start holding in mind, GOOD PRODUCTIVE THINGS. And stop letting stupid crap in.

Here’s the twist.

You and take a very simple and obvious truth, and make an arse out of yourself and the world. Read about The Hochun Hoax

And then come back to the real world. And do a few things.

Instead of cramming a note up Hoshin’s Arse:

1. Start working toward your goals and dreams in 25 minute bursts. One definite objective done every 25 minutes. Take plenty of breaks in between. I never work “8 hours a day”. I often finish more tasks in a week than most people do in a month. This is part of “The Real Secret”.

2. Form a Mastermind. A mastermind formed right will change your life. It will have a structure that supports it’s members staying focused, while unleashing a creative force you won’t find elsewhere. Get my Mastermind Book here.

3. Write down the results you have in mind. Notice I didn’t say, “write down what you want, or what you hope to accomplish. Write down the result you have in mind. This way, you your mind and your mastermind will be focused and that creative power which is YOU will be unleashed.

And remember, there is plenty of crap out there in the world, promising you “wishful thinking” and “magical bean results”. For some reason, “The Secret” was a global sensation several years ago, and many people now say we are in a global depression or recession. I wonder if something useful “what you hold in mind tends to manifest” – got watered down and lost along the way.

The time is now, take charge, take action. It’s the only way we will be able to give to our friends, families and to the next 7 generations.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: Want to notice what you are letting in? Just notice what you are putting out. (Now that’s fun!)

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