Secrets to Trading Forex Profitably and Living Life Fully

Hey mate,

Let’s dial it up a level higher – and dive right in. Where you experience your challenge and where you are ready for change could reveal to you all you need to have more real satisfaction and happiness in life. Try this on.

Forex is a subset of life. Like how Ford or Chevrolet is a subset of all the automobiles on the planet, in your town, maybe even in your yard or garage. And getting that Forex is a subset of your life (one that can free you financially and one that can free you from limiting programming) – getting that on a functional level (not just a thinking level) is part of the key to succeeding at it wildly – and living your life fully.


What holds you back in forex (or trading – business – sales)… What prevents you from experiencing consistent positive trading sessions is either exactly the same or subtly related to what prevents you from living your life as fully as you would like to.

So let’s play. This is where I am good at. Let’s walk up to the Edge, and Jump – Let’s Dive in!

We each have a unique edge – something powerful – something that makes us feel good – which makes us feel ALIVE at a core level – something that when we access it cleanly and clearly – something in us gives us unstoppable power and freedom.

We also have crap we hold on to – programming and patterning that we let get in the way. Crap – to be blunt – is meant to be let go of – flushed – returned to earth – so that it contributes to the soil as it gets broken down. Keep it inside of you – and it gets messy – and life feels bloated.

So I invite you to get rid of your crap, and to sharpen your edge – come to a training – do some coaching. Read my articles – and if you notice that they are just a bit different – if you notice they aren’t the same old drivel – if they touch something inside of you – we might be able to really work well together.

Sharpening – Tempering – Cutting with – The Edge.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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