How to meet a mentor.

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You probably know I am a HUGE fan of masterminds and mentors, because they simply work.  “If it wasn’t for mentors and masterminds, I would be dead and broke.  That’s it, the end.”

“You can try to be John Wayne, and do it all on your own, and odds are you will struggle until you figure out this one thing, we all need mentors and masterminds.”

So here’s the 2 biggest problems I watch people run into in life and in biz.

Problem #1.   They think a “get together” is a mastermind. If you are going to form a mastermind, form it and run it in a way that actually works.   Get my $12 special report – 2020 Masterminding.  (Crass commercial that will change your world, your personal economy, and entire approach to life and business over.  Onward!

Problem #2.  They don’t know how to MEET or work with a mentor.

THE SOLUTION  is actually very simple.

Just follow these two golden keys:

First, approach every human you meet with respect. You never can tell who your next mentor will be.

Second, when you realize that you have a potential mentor in your midst, talk to them. Don’t suck up to them, don’t try to impress them, simply TALK to them.  Let them know that you would love to work with them, and ASK THEM how you can give to them.

Some mentors may require payment for training and coaching.  Other mentors will allow you to work for them, as you learn from them.  There are countless ways the mentoring relatinship can develop and grow, but it’s gotta be based on two simple golden keys:

Respect and Giving.

It’s your turn, what will you do today, with what you read here, to change your world, your economy and your life?

Let me know, email me or comment below!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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By Twenty Twenty

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