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Young Tobacco

Young Tobacco

Hey mate,

I want to thank you for taking the time to read and to be benefited by our articles, recordings and resources.

It is a great pleasure to share with you, our experiences, and how our lives became so darn remarkable.


This page is here to honor the tradition that I learned from my Native American Elders called, “sharing tobacco”.Sharing tobacco is simply a way of showing and sharing your gratitude.

In the old days, and even today, the giving of tobacco or something of value is still practiced.

It’s a great way to explore the flow of life, reduce poverty thinking, and enjoy the experience of giving.


Below is a link, that allows you to share some tobacco – or a cup of coffee with us if you are drawn to.

Many of our listeners, readers and supporters have asked us to place this link here, so that they can more easily share and give, and to show their appreciation for our work and inspiration.

Homegrown tobacco.  Photo by Carol Wingert

Homegrown Traditional Tobacco

When you “share some tobacco”, you are giving us a gift of $7 or $17, which will go into a jar we keep in the kitchen.

Most of the time we use what’s in that special jar for buying  something simple we can be thankful for – maybe a nice cigar – maybe a very nice cup of coffee, maybe some seed for our birds.

We may occasionally dip into it to buy a gift for someone special – or a stranger too – to keep the ripples growing.

“For thousands of years, tobacco has been given as a thank you offering in Native American culture.  It is our pleasure to continue the tradition here.”

Enjoy your day tremendously.   And remember, to take the time to see and to seek your perfect vision, to do what you are designed to do.  That’s the gift you were given at birth, it’s the gift you are here to give to the world.

Thank you.

Mr Twenty Twenty

Click here – Push The Gratitude Button – Give a $7 Gift of a Cup of Coffee

Share with us a sandwich and a cup of coffee for $17 bucks! – Thank you!

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