Stop Sniveling – Transform your life Part 2 by Twenty Twenty

How much sniveling are you letting run your life today?

Time for ACTION!

I have decided to stop reading my friend Jenny’s emails.   She snivels.

Of course, she knows she snivels, but what she doesn’t know is KILLING HER.

(And she doesn’t have enough energy to notice how she is killing the people around her with her sniveling… but that’s another story.)

She doesn’t have a clue how much she snivels.  And she doesn’t realize how much energy, and time sniveling is costing her.

Because sniveling not only wastes the time it is “done in”, it robs you of energy, life, vitality and awareness for HOURS, maybe even DAYS later.

You might want to READ THAT AGAIN.

So stop listening to sniveling TODAY, and start kicking ass!

Your kick ass friend, mentor, coach and trainer,

Mr. Twenty Twenty

Ex Hostage – Camp Hill Prison Riots 1989

Professional Visionary Since April 4, 2007


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By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at